The Lync to Safer Strata


Established in 2017, PSC Property Lync is the first of its kind in Australia – a broking risk service that truly understands Strata Communities.

Backed by the proven track record of major shareholder and ASX-listed Professional Services Company (PSC Insurance Group), we’ve brought together over 60 years of combined broking and strata industry experience to help us transform an entire industry.

Our mission? To ensure you have adequate and correct cover, at the right price.


What can we do for you today?


At PSC Property Lync, everything we do is designed to make strata community life as hassle-free as possible. We know the risks you face – our job is to protect you from them turning into problems. 

We tailor transparent insurance solutions around your unique statutory obligations. It's all about choosing the best product, not using price as a reason to choose.

The right product at the right price? That's PSC Property Lync.


Helping you is our claim to fame.

Finally - easy claim lodgement is here.

Any time you need to make an insurance claim, PSC Property Lync is just a phone call away – 24/7. We work alongside your insurer ensure you get the full claim settlement you’re entitled to.

No more confusion. No more being road blocked. With PSC Property Lync in your corner, claiming is convenient – the way it should be.