For Strata Title properties, it is good practice to obtain a full insurance valuation every three to five years and apply indexation to increase your insurance building sum insured limit, in between the full valuation period. 

Valuers can also do desktop valuations in between full valuation period. By adopting this approach it will help you to better comply with insuring your strata property for replacement value.


The experienced team at Hemsley Paterson offer a professional insurance valuation service for residential and commercial strata schemes, throughout Western Australia.

Our insurance valuations take into consideration all relevant factors to ensure compliance, such as costs and allowances associated with reinstatement, demolition, professional fees and escalation. Our reports also provide additional advisory notes in relation to other potential risks, such as unit shortfalls and ACP cladding.

In addition to providing single insurance valuations, we also offer a package which covers a multi-year cycle, providing a full insurance valuation, followed by desktop updates for the intervening years.

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