Small to Medium Commercial Business & Investors

What do small start-ups and large corporations share in common?

Give up?

The answer is simple – risk. No matter how successful you are, disaster can strike at any time and damage everything you worked hard to build up. The risk list is a long one, from fire and flood to theft, accidental damage and even personal injury to an employer, employee or customer.

That’s why it is important for SME business owners to have insurance that suits their business activities. It's not just about having insurance, but the right insurance coverage.

Remember, your commercial property or business is unique – PSC Property Lync is here to help you.

Before purchasing an insurance product, we recommend you read the insurer’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to ensure the policy meets your needs.  Please contact us to obtain a copy of the relevant PDS.

    Business Pack Insurance

    • Insured Property
    • Business Interruption
    • General Property Insurance
    • Employment Dishonesty Cover
    • Glass Cover
    • Fire & Perils Insurance
    • Workers Compensation Insurance
    • Machinery Breakdown
    • Electronic Equipment Cover
    • Money Cover
    • Tax Audit Cover
    • Theft Cover
    • Legal Liability.

    Commercial Property Insurance

    • Insured Property
    • Business Interruption (loss of rental income)
    • Workers Compensation
    • Legal Liability.

    Industrial Special Risks Insurance

    Covers numerous large-scale assets or high value property with a declared value asset register. 


    Landlords Investment Property Insurance

    This cover is vital for protecting your investment and liability. Different policies and exposures apply depending on whether you own a commercial or residential investment, as well as a strata titled or standalone building.  

    Contract Works Insurance

    Protects your property whilst in construction, as well as building upgrades and alternations.


    Business Interruption

    Protects business income and profits following a loss whereby the business is unable to trade for a period from, during and after re-opening.


    Loss of Rent

    Covers loss of rental income for commercial property owners following a disaster that causes the tenant to cease paying rent. 


    Theft & Burglary

    Protects your business from theft and break-ins that result in damage or stolen items.



    Protects you against theft, fraud and dishonesty on the premises.



    Covers you against equipment breakdown.


    Electronic Equipment

    Covers you against breakdown, specifically relating to computers and electrical equipment.


    Cyber Risks

    Provides protection against your presence online.


    Legal & Products Liability

    Offers protection in scenarios where you, your business or property ownership, operations and any products or services you produce, cause harm to third parties that may hold you negligent.


    Workers Compensation

    Protects against workplace accidents by covering an employee’s medical bills and income while they’re recovering.


    Travel Insurance

    Covers you against risks associated with travel.



    Covers any business-registered vehicle, truck or trailer in the event of an accident.



    Provides cover when transporting equipment, goods or services.


    General Property

    Covers the cost of miscellaneous property, not necessarily at the location of the business, such as trade related business – specifically tools of trade in a transit vehicle.

    Motor Trade


    Management Liability Insurance